Mind Body Mobility

Self-Care with Joana D’art – MBM  IV

Practicing Conscious Self-Care is the greatest gift you can offer to the ones you love. Deep inside of each one of us, lays this truth. We know that without conscious Self-Care, we end up expressing our unmet needs in a toxic way and it most frequently lands on our loved ones.

Self Care is a multi-layered concept and it has infinite expressions. Here we share about two pillars of self-care: Mind Care and Body Care. The strong and relaxed body requires activity and rest.
The clear and loving mind wishes for growth and contribution. As the mind lives in the body and the body manifests what exists in the mind, when you nourish one, the other thrives in love too.
By taking care of the body you create space and a safe environment for the mind to evolve. By taking care of your mental hygiene you set the base to develop a healthy body.

This event is for you, if you feel a YES to taking the time to nurture yourself through:

√ Exploring your sensuality trough dance
√ Strengthening your body
√ Experiening Sisterhood – being love and feeling love
√ Expand your Brave Zone
√ Invite your creativity to manifest itself
√ Grounding and centering yourself
√ Expanding your communication skills
√ Practicing mindfulness and gratitude


Sundays 15.30 – 17.00 hrs on 10, 17 and 24 may (5th of april and 10th of may are not in De LIndewei but elsewhere due to on a different location). Later dates (4 meetings) are to be announced here soon.

What is MBM about?

The base to stimulate one’s growth and the key to a peaceful and fulfilling life.

Everything resides inside. It can only be stimulated or suppressed.

Tidying ing up our temple – mildly working out our body and receiving the most precious gift – loving touch.

Sensual dancing. Tapping inoto creative ways of expression and interaction.

♥ Experiencing community
♥ Practicing mindfulness
♥Reflecting on life friendly practices and finding the intrinsic motivation for self care
♥Giving ourselves the time to indulge in the pleasure of just be. Be a human connected being – Being lost in the moment, being among real and loving women, being at ease, being kinder to ourselves, being able to let go. Is about wellbeing, not welldoing.
♥Stop in order to ground yourself and caress your skin.


12 sessions of 1:30 hrs on Sundays 15.30 – 17.00 hrs on 23 feb, 01, 22 , 29 mrt, 5, 19 april, 10, 17, 24 and 31 may and every day through little self-friendly actions.

  • 5th of april and 10th of may are not in De Lindewei but elsewhere.
  • From the 5th session: starting time might change. Full schedule for the 12 session will be uploaded before 1st of March)


  • 12 sessions:  €180,-
  • Drop in:  €25,-



This upcoming season MBM will unfold in a new home, where loving silence and privacy hold space for our sacred work:
Yogacentrum De Lindewei Jacob Catslaan 12, 2332 AW Leiden, Netherlands

♥We wish you the most loving journey♥