KGHypnobirthing Prenatal Course in Leiden

Birthing from the Heart & Guru aan Huis have the pleasure to offer a unique KGH Prenatal preparation course in Nederland:

KG HypnoBirthing is a complete Prenatal Course that combines childbirth education and a full training in hypnobirthing techiniques.


The programme designed meet two important needs for you to get prepared for the birth of your child:

a) the need of  having all the knowledge necessary to make well informed choices.

b) the need of everymother mother to have an gentle natural birth for herself and her baby.

How KGHypnoBirthing course will help you to/with:


+ Release fear and tension (which lead to pain and interventions)

+ Learn techiniques to induce yourself in deep relaxation

+ Massage techniques to release endorphins, your body’s natural analgesia.

+ Simple and efficient breathing techniques for the diferent stages of labour

+ Visualisations (that promote a deep connetion with the baby inside the womb)

+ Understand the choices available to your birth

+ Increased knowledge and awareness that will put you in control

+ Be more likely to experience a natural, calm and drug free birth. Labor can be shorter and more comfortable.

+ To enjoy the most empowering experience of your life: giving birth!

+ Actively involves fathers and partners to become an integral  part of the experience, training them to do their important role in hypnobirthing.

High quality standars:  the couse is ministrated by a qualified Childbirth Educator and Hypnobirthing teacher by the the KG HypnoBirthing in the UK and which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives

Our course follow rigorously the high standards from KGH method. We can be sure that you are investing in a humanized professionals who care for your best interest.

Our classes are small groups of  max. 7 couples. This allows us to have a more relaxed ambiance, more individualized attention and more interaction in the group.

Much more than a course! (Our “a bit particular” touch):

Besides all the in-depth trainning, that weekend will be a part of beautiful memories for both of you. Full of fun (yoga, dance, playful activities…). We give special attention for the body-soul connection between mother-father/partner with each other and with their baby. Also we discuss the importance of the 4th trimester and how to be prepared to the “now here is the baby”. We give a special attention to the strenghening of relashionship and bonding between mothers and fathers/partners as fundamental part of prenatal preparation.

When: a weekend in 2018 (sign up HERE to get notified for the next dates!)

Friday:  from 19h – 22h (Introduction evening)*

Saturday: from 10h – 16h

Sunday: from 9h – 15h

Where: De Lindewei  yoga studio – in Leiden


Full price:                                               475,00 euros (incl.BTW)

Big Deal: get a discount by booking in advance:

Until 10/August:                               430,00 euros (incl. BTW) Big deal

Until 05/September:                         445,00  euros (incl. BTW)

* Eventually we have places in the Introduction evening for try and feel before booking the full course. It costs 60 euros per couple, and if you decide to book the full course this amount is deduced from the full price). If this appeals to you, please contact us to book your place! (0611-81 29 76)

We are looking forward to enjoy that time with you and your baby!

Hugs from the heart,

Letícia Coutinho Lobach

Doula, childbirth educator and hypnobirthing teacher

Chiara van den Berg

Yogateacher, yogacoach, masseuse and postnatal doula