Cacao ceremonie

  • Saturday 28th of May: 09.00 – 12:30
  • Contribution:  € 65,-
  • € 10,- discount if signing up before monday
    23rd May
  • Sign-up with this form:  here

An invitation to a time of rest, processing, community and love.

An invitation to a time of rest, processing, community and love.
A warm welcome to this cacao ceremony of several parts at the end of May. We want to create a
strong ceremonial space for healing of wounds, dreaming a life-affirming future, activating our
inner energy channels through yoga and strengthening our spiritual bonds with ourselves, other
people and the world as a whole.
The last two years came with several challenges. Be it uncertainty, sickness or self-isolation, our
ability to feel energized and to interact with life fully was restricted. We all still carry traces of this
period with us.
Therefore, the goal of this cacao ceremony is to create an energetic powerhouse and recharge our
sources of energy and our sense of being alive. We will create this energy during this cacao
ceremony through a sacred drum journey, singing, dancing, and the practice of kundalini yoga.


Cacao is a beautiful plant medicine and has been used in ceremonial context for centuries. It is
subtle compared to the classic entheogens, but can nonetheless aid in deepening an inner journey
and opening you up to your own emotions. Cacao has also been called the “medicine of the heart”.
The official name of the cacao tree is “Theobroma Cacao”. Theobroma loosely translates to “food
of the gods”. Here ( you can find more information
on the history of cacao. It can be a very moving experience, but it can also be subtle and gentle. 


How much you get out of this ceremony will partly depend on your preparation and aftercare. We
suggest a few ways to approach the experience. In the days before the ceremony, pay attention to
what has been moving you lately. Acknowledge any “life topics” that are present in your life right
now. See if anything is coming up that you’d like to look at during the cacao ceremony. In the days
afterward, try to take time to integrate the experience. This can be through journaling, painting,
mindfulness practices or spending time in nature. Ask yourself: What do these upcoming
thoughts/emotions mean to me? What do they remind me of?

Please bring:

  • A blindfold/sleepmask/scarf
  • Notebook and pen
  • Water bottle
  • Love and compassion

Please only have a light breakfast or go with fasting on the morning of the ceremony. How much
effect the cacao will have depends on how well your body can uptake it, which depends on how
empty your stomach is. Please don’t worry about getting too hungry, the cacao will suppress
appetite quite a bit so you will feel just fine.
The event will be held in dutch, unless there are english-speaking participants. The event can be
held bilingual then, or in English if it’s okay with all dutch-speaking participants.

Approximate timeline

  • 9:00-10:00 Short meditation, drinking of cacao, shamanic drum journey
  • 10:00-10:30 Taking notes, singing of mantras, expression through movement
  • 10:30-12:00 Kundalini Yoga and meditation
  • 12:00-12:30 Space for sharing of experiences
  • Please make sure to arrive on time. Around 12:30 we will start wrapping up and cleaning the space.


Signing up

Please fill out the following form to reserve your spot.
You also find a link to transfer the money.
Discount for early signing up: There is a discount if you sign up early! We appreciate if you commit
earlier on. We offer a discount of 10€ if you sign up before Monday, 23rd of May.
Sign up before Thursday 26th May 22:00 latest: Signing up will no longer be possible after Thursday
26th May 22:00. We will close the sign-up sheet, and there won’t be the option to walk in to the
event without registration.
We have a limited number of spots for this event. We will hold space for up to 8 participants. If you’d like to join us, please reserve your spot. We will close the sign-up sheet once we reach 8 participants.
Refund conditions: Your contribution is unfortunately not refundable if you cancel (less than) 7
days before the event. Ceremonies such as this one require some commitment from us all if we
want to achieve growth and healing from them. This rule does not apply if you fall sick and cannot
attend because of this reason. Please be in touch then as early as possible so we can plan

About Irina and Juri

The ceremony will be held by Irina and Juri. Irina has practiced Kundalini yoga for the last 5 years. She has a talent for teaching, which she has been using to guide and coach people on their paths, be it for professional development, spiritual insights or individual growth. In 2018 she discovered the yogic healing technique Sat Nam Rasayan and has followed the training since 2019. Recently she has been combining her passion for kundalini yoga and teaching by holding classes of kundalini yoga.

She has a background in the science of biology and biochemistry, and she studies kundalini yoga with the same scientific mind and detailed investigation that she practices in her professional career. As a result, her lessons are thorough and based on deep understanding, but grounded and
suitable for beginners. In both disciplines (kundalini yoga and SNR), she treasures the energizing postures and kriyas and the peaceful feeling that the meditations bring about. Sat Nam Rasayan also enhances her intuitive sight, which often enables her to recognize blockages and imbalances in her students by feeling their presence and energy. She sings mantras, loves creative expression and is interested in medicinal plants.

Juri holds a bachelor in psychology and is currently finishing his master in clinical psychology with
an internship at a clinic in The Hague. He is familiar with “classic” psychological treatment
approaches such as CBT, but trained next to his study other techniques, such as Internal Family
Systems (IFS) by Richard Schwartz and Peter Levine’s approach of somatic experiencing and
healing trauma through the body, as well as systemic therapy and depth psychology. He has guided
a meditation group for 1,5 years, volunteered at a yoga-meditation silent retreat center and is
completing a three-year shamanic practitioner training. He has organized cacao ceremonies and
other ceremonies with plant medicine for the past three years for people from all walks of life.
Currently he is enrolled in a one-year tantra training, and he is practicing the Bengston Energy
Healing Method®. He is interested in remembering the forgotten ways that increase our quality of
life and aims to bring them into our awareness again.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us via email:, or call us directly on 0623853253.
We look forward to sharing this space and this ceremony with you.
Much love and until soon,
Irina and Juri