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“I love coaching students and academics and helping them re-member what they have ‘on offer’ matters. Nothing is more inspiring than people working as their authentic selves.”

Anna Tijsseling

Authenticity Circles

  • 12 dec: 11.00 – 13.00 hrs (10.30 door open.)
  • 16 jan:  (vol)   11.00 – 13.00 hrs (10.30 door open.)

You feel passionate about your academic work and life. Still, moving in academic circles feels like an alienating experience, costing you rather than bringing you energy. Experience teaches that it’s all about the lens with which you view your position…

On whatever contract you are in the academy, getting in touch with yourself on what really matters to you is simply welcome right now. Maybe your temporary contract makes you feel insecure and restless. Sometimes you even view it as a sign of being undervalued. Or, even though you are in tenured position, the workload is just overwhelming. Sometimes you do not even remember what it is you want to be doing. If you are honest with yourself, these feelings are impacting your effectivity and you enjoying your life.

Academic Authenticity aims to get you back on your inspired track, in touch with your ideals and your personal goals. While carefully analyzing the lens with which you observe your work, your self and your academic surroundings, you will become aware of (or… remember) what is nurturing to you.

By taking you, your talent, your intuition, your passions and your goals as a point of departure, work will become inspiring and pleasant again. By finding out what you have and want to offer, and appreciating the value of what you have to offer, you will (re)discover how to enjoy your work and your academic relationships with your students, colleagues and supervisors.

Authenticity Cirlces

Anna organizes Authenticity Circles: intimate gatherings that help us on our way to reconnect with our higher selves, our deeper ambitions and our need to work in an inspired way.

The Circles are designed around a program which help us on our way to start caring deeply for ourselves on the workfloor. And rest assured, caring for yourself has nothing to do with egomania, it is all about healthy self-love.

Gatherings are aimed at identifying our feelings, dilemmas, questions, discomfort and hesitations that we may have about our lives as academics. There is no pressure on sharing what is alive in you. You are invited to actively reflect upon how you are doing and what needs are alive in you.

Authenticity Circles offer an inspiring way to get to know kindred spirits with clear intentions and wishes to rediscover the fun and playfulness academic work has to offer. By fully embracing how light academic work can be, we will create the safe space that we need to work differently, congruently with who we really are.

Authenticity Circles are held in Leiden in De Lindewei,  Jacob Catslaan 12.

Dates upcoming Authenticity Circles

  • 12 dec: 11.00 – 13.00 hrs (10.30 door open.)
  • 9 jan:    11.00 – 13.00 hrs (10.30 door open.)

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